So, on the way back from taking my oldest back to college – long ass road trip – I was quietly checking my inbox when my husband suddenly says “Where would you put a donkey?” ….

Ummmmm!!!  I can’t tell you how fast my head spun around, thinking 1. he saw an actual donkey , and I wanted to see if Shrek was standing next to him, and 2. WHOSE yard was it in?!?!?!  And it’s going to cause an accident since that yard is on the side of the interstate.

I cannot tell you how embarrassing this was because firstly, I don’t normally react like that.  You just can’t go and say DONKEY! and not expect me to react!  And then when he goes and says “So now you have a thing for donkeys?  HONEY!!!” … Time to clear my cache!  Was he creeping my YouTube history?!?!   Seriously though.  Do NOT search Colombian donkey sex.  Your computer (and the federal government) might judge you.



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