In light of something somewhat traumatizing that happened yesterday, I am sitting here listening to some of my favorite music as I have a couple of beverages.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows my beverage(s) of choice, and knows my music of choice. When I combine the two, I get carried away, slightly inebriated, and acutely impassioned.

Since discovering this young man in May 2012 (I think it was around that time! I know it was 2012!), I just cannot get enough. Any true David Garrett fan will say it is never enough. The avid fans in Germany have been to countless shows. Some have traveled around the world to see his shows.

Given that I do not work, and have a limited budget, I’ve had the privilege of seeing him a total of three times. Health issues have also put the kibosh on any international travel for me.

That in mind, I’ve come to truly appreciate his music even more than in the past. Especially since seeing him in Toronto last year. When I first discovered him, I was completely head over heels star struck. HOLY COW, was I star struck, to the point that I just about stuttered when I met him. It’s like a freight train hit me full speed. WHAM!!! Emotions overload. Yes, I cried when I met him – both times.

But now I’m really listening to the music. I allow it to take me places I’ve never imagined. Music is my escape. I think I may have stated this before, but it literally occupies a quarter of my soul. My husband and children occupy one half, and my two favorite artists own the fourth quadrant.

One of these days I’ll write an entry about that second artist – maybe. But most people who truly know me might guess.

For now, as I patiently wait for the next time I see David Garrett, I’ll continue to enjoy videos from around the world, along with a beverage or two.


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