Sad Review

I don’t normally like to leave a negative review, but I feel the need to at least make the public aware, before they spend hundreds on something they might not be able to use, due to sizing issues.

In the past week, my husband and I have purchased a Fitbit and a Samsung smartwatch – totaling over $500.  Both of us wish to monitor our health and activities more closely.  So we figured why not hop on the technology bandwagon, and purchase ourselves some fancy newfangled fitness watches?!

Given the price of these devices, one would expect them to be almost flawless.  I’m not saying they have to be 100% accurate in monitoring your daily steps, or even your sleep patterns.  But at least make straps that fit and don’t cause chafing and sores.  I currently have 2 very large sores on my wrist, caused by my large (the straps come in small and large sizes) Fitbit silicone strap.  I’ve tried every single notch within the ‘comfort’ zone.  No relief.

My husband and I are FAR from ‘fit’.  BUT, based on reviews across the world wide web, even the skinniest of fit people are having issues with the straps fitting correctly.  I mean, my best friend who weighs what she is supposed to for her age and height is even complaining about her Fitbit strap.  She had to order a large leather one.  She’s a skinny minnie for crying out loud!  Why should she need to order a large?

My poor husband, who has always had big fat wrists even when he was skinny, has always had trouble with watches fitting him without cutting off his blood flow.

One would think that these companies would make products to accommodate ALL of their customers.  Not just the bean poles.

MY Fitbit large strap is causing sores on my wrist.  And I’m not exactly Porky Pig!  I’m close, but most jewelry and regular watches fit me without issue.

My husband can barely wear his smartwatch.  It is on the very last notch, and it squeezes the living hell out of his wrist.


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