Stop Following The Stream

As human beings mature, their tastes change. Fashion trends aren’t as important as they were in school. Hair styles become more practical. Musical preferences change. And so on.

On several occasions, a friend has told me that’s it’s next to impossible to make it big in the entertainment industry – unless you sell your soul to them, creating material that appeals to the masses. As Daniel Howell (YouTube personality) puts it, “Give the people what they want”. But he’s referring mainly to tweens, teens, and twenty somethings.

At around age 21, I noticed my tastes and interests greatly changing and broadening. I basically became my own person. I was no longer concerned with conformity.

This was especially true where fashion and music were concerned. In my opinion, a person shouldn’t be afraid to open their car window when listening to amazing, unique artists like this.

He’s an American born harp guitarist who has made a life for himself in Japan 30+ years ago after graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Check him out on YouTube. He has uploaded many extraordinary tracks – music which is performed mainly on his self crafted harp guitar. There are a few videos featuring a drummer as well.

In my opinion, people are so caught up in mainstream music, that the true talent out there is often overlooked.

Don’t be afraid to find a different stream in life. There’s more to music and clothing than than Justin Beiber and Lularoe. Get out there and find out what YOU like! Not what someone else likes.

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