Full Of Crap

As I start my day [late] with a gigantic cup of liquid energy, I sit here prodding my lazy synapses for material.

After reading horrific articles about how bad red meat is for you, and why – which led to other nightmarish material – I closed all those nightmares, and opened a new tab to see what’s happening on WordPress.

Oh yeah!  Daily prompt time!  I love writing.  Even if it’s crap writing.  Because I always have stories to tell.  Whether it’s a personal experience, or something I read about, or something on the news, I have something to say.

While some people might think I’m just being an asshole by doing this, I just consider it my way of trying to fit in.  I never seem to fit in.  Even in my own immediate family.  They look at me sideways – or quietly laugh at me – when I have a few words to say.  But then when I’m quiet, I get “What’s wrong?”  Oh … nothing.  Then there are others who just think I always have to have the last word.  My own daughter even calls me a ‘one-upper’.


So I turn to writing.  I don’t have to deal with eye rolling or the knowledge that I’m being tuned out.

But today, I’m kind of at a loss for the daily prompt.  Today’s word is visceral.

I think I have an average vocabulary level for my age and education level.  But lately, either due to age, stress, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, or all of the above, I find that I can’t quite find my words lately.  The dictionary is my best friend lately.

But it’s not just my vocabulary I’m worried about.  I think I’m losing my mind.  Especially when I can’t think of a word or the ‘right words’ mid conversation.  I’ll suddenly stop and panic.

I KNOW what visceral means.  I’m just at a complete loss for something meaningful.  Writer’s block perhaps?

Maybe I need more liquid energy.

On that note, I bid everyone a happy and productive day.

2 thoughts on “Full Of Crap

  1. All of us have had a one time or the other stared at our keyboard with minds covered in fog., and no amount of caffeine even if mainlined directly into our veins will burn that fog away. At that time and on those days we must just push the keyboard away and accept that reality and go out and enjoy the day!


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