Open Your Eyes

I do my best to not leave many political responses on the interwebs, but it has become increasingly disturbing how so many people [worldwide] have lost sight of the basics.  I feel compelled to say something.  So, why not here, where there is a little less ‘traffic’?

Without going into too many specifics, I’d just like to say a few things.

In lieu of 9/11, and countless horrific events that have followed since then, I often wonder something.  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you must, but isn’t it obvious how these things are precursory distractions for something far more horrific already in the works – and most likely SOON to happen, especially since Trump is in office?

People are so hellbent on resisting, creating more anger and hatred, I fear for the future of the human race.

We are literally in the middle of self destruction.

PLEASE, open your eyes, and realize what is happening.  We are on the verge of civil war.

We all need to stop, look, and listen.  Be mindful and very aware.  Concentrate on improving yourself and living your own life, rather than trying to control how others think and live.

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