Cringe Worthy

Try new things
They said for fun
You never know
What can be done

Gluing glitter
Painted hands
Soft and neat
A possible brand

Baking challenge
Minor mess
Slapping skin
What a success

Pastel clothing
Flower crowns
Calendar doggos
Everyone simmer down

Spooky week passed
PINOF nears
Guess what’s in store
Prepare for tears

Gaming’mas two
Will surely follow
Many surprises
You’ll definitely wallow

I’m deep in the pit
Of the trashiest can
Someone throw a rope
To this middle-aged fan

This originally
Started as a rant
About my life’s
What-if’s and I can’t-s

Instead of complaining
I wrote something witty
About Dan and Phil
Sorry if it’s shitty



A/N: I truly hope D&P don’t EVER run across this. If they do – SORRY!

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