Extra Thicc

Whoops! I spelled that wrong – on purpose. I promise it wasn’t click bait!

I just asked for some recommendations for a floor mat for people with bad, arthritic knees. I’m currently planning out a floor exercise routine. It’s going to require a special mat, though. Any time I kneel, I want to cry. This has been the case for years.

Of course, people are giving me all sorts of yoga mat recommendations, but none of them are what I want. They’re all too thin for my liking.

I guess I should’ve specified soft and extra thick.

And WHY is this the majority result when I search Tumblr for an ‘extra thicc‘ image?

But, given the mentality of some of the folks in the group I belong to, the comments section would’ve exploded with a plethora of inappropriate gifs – followed by an avalanche of other comments from the easily offended. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy inappropriate. God knows I need a good laugh to balance out my daily crying.

I guess I’ll just see what recommendations accumulate. No need to start a war in an already dramatic group.

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