Road Games

They’re bloody dangerous. And anyone who plays them should have their license revoked.

Is the highway shuffle considered road rage?

The other night on the way back from my daughter’s college, we encountered an asshat in a pickup truck. We were in the right lane, behind a tractor trailer, slowly gaining speed. Fine. We simply needed to get in the center lane, where asshat was currently speeding up and slowing down each time we did. In other words, he was actively preventing us from getting over.

By the time we saw a window of opportunity, we hit the gas and proceeded to move over to pass the tractor trailer, scooting in front of asshat. But then he sped up as our front end was even with the tractor trailer, trying to force us into it, which would’ve ended badly. To top it off, when we finally got over, asshat continued his antics by riding our bumper, until he decided to pass us on the far left lane.

Once he was over and back in front of us, he slowed back down again. What a dick! By then, the tractor trailer caught onto his game and swung in front of him. So we went far left, hit the pedal to warp speed, and got the hell away from asshat. About eight or ten car lengths ahead, we looked in the rear view mirrors, and saw that he proceeded to screw with someone else.

I forgot to mention, as we passed, I low key gave asshat the one finger salute whilst ‘resting’ my arm against the window. LOSER!!!

I’ve never seen so many crappy drivers in my life as I have in the past seven years. People are insane. Especially around school buses. At least once a week, I hear a bus driver laying on the horn at people who disregard the lights and stop signs on the bus. It scares the shit out of me, and I have to instruct my son daily, reminding him of the rules of the road, and what to do before crossing. It’s bad when a 14 year old needs to be reminded that there are idiots on the road who might kill him if he doesn’t look both ways at least ten times.

Okay, rant over. Time for lunch, since my breakfast was ruined. RIP my accidentally frozen yogurt. And no. I don’t like it frozen.

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