The Thunder Rolls

It’s not what you think
It isn’t a book
It isn’t a forest
It isn’t a nook

The pinging of droplets
Falling like rain
May work for some
For me not the same

It isn’t a whisper
It isn’t a purr
It isn’t a shower
It isn’t liqueur

The single thing
Soothing the pitfalls
For me at least
Is Niagara Falls

It isn’t quite calm
It isn’t abyss
It isn’t just ‘home’
It isn’t just bliss

The powerful roll
Of the thundering waves
From the river above
Observed from the caves

A/N: I was born and raised 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, New York. For 38 years, I took advantage of the fact, and rarely visited the tourist sites – Goat Island and the surrounding areas, directly at the edge of the American Falls. Now that I’ve been out of the area for nine years, I miss it dearly. If anyone has the means for such a trip, I highly recommend it. And, regardless of what stories are ‘out there’, the American side has just as many nice attractions and accommodations as the Canadian side.

It is truly serene.

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