I’m Going To Die Anyways

People kill me.

I understand the reasoning behind trying to live as clean as possible. But, it’s literally impossible to eliminate all toxins from daily living.

When you think of it, almost everything in our daily lives is toxic. Electricity is toxic. Our water is toxic, for fuck sake! Do you really think it’s safe to put fluoride into your body, via tap water? If you go by what Kevin Trudeau says, you practically need to live in a cave, away from civilization to live clean. Drink only rain water, and only if it’s thousands of miles from any major city. CHRIST! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Avoiding GMO products and changing unhealthy habits like smoking is one thing. But telling me not to burn candles, or use anything on my skin that I can’t eat (excuse me?), or not to wear any clothing except for organic cotton borders insane.

What started out as a simple request for opinions on some nice smelling candles, has turned into eye rolling and major paranoia.

Apparently, candles are bad for you. More specifically, candles containing paraffin, and harmful chemicals, like LEAD. YIKES! Is there anything enjoyable in life that isn’t bad for you?

I refrained from getting into another heated argument with a stranger a little bit ago. It took a lot of restraint.

Is it 5 o’clock somewhere yet? Oh, wait. Alcohol is toxic to your liver…

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