Saying Goodbye

… to negativity …

… to unfounded accusations …

… to greed …

… to demands …

… to lies …

… to selfishness …

… to ultimatums …

… to manipulation …

And finally, to inborn diabolical proclivity.  After years of trying and trying, it’s time to start anew – 21 months ago.

As much as the above things profoundly affect family life, it can’t be helped that an empty space inside still remains.  It needs to close – soon – before insanity takes over.  Or maybe missing one’s parent figure is insane … ???

Perhaps one day it will be possible to move forward.  Until that happens, it’s time to concentrate on things like self-improvement, the children, and finding silver linings in the clouds above.

Maybe the first silver lining is a much happier better half.  That in itself is huge.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  May the new year bring only good, non-material things to you and yours.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. When I lost my parents the thing that kept hitting me was that now there was no one ahead of me. I was the leader, the front runner, the elder. It was a new role. I liked your words in this post. All the best to you for 2018.


    • It was a difficult decision – not mine, which makes it even more difficult to get past. This is why it helps for me to talk to someone. And thank you. All the best to you as well.


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