I Should Be Writing Scripts

It figures I start having whacked dreams around the holidays.  Why now, of all times?  I’m stressed and depressed enough, for God sake.  Why can’t I have nice dreams, about extravagant vacations, or … well, I can’t write that here.  I came pretty close to that just a couple of weeks ago.  Too bad I woke up right when … oops.  I can’t write that here either.

Anyway, I hate when an entire night is spent waking up, trying to shake off images of dreams so horrific, you wonder what the hell triggered them.  Especially since my nights consist of turning off the television, and listening to white noise to calm down.  Okay, not white noise.  More like ASMR.

People think I’m weird for listening to it, but it truly relaxes me.

Abandoned buildings where mutilated bodies and parts are everywhere shouldn’t be allowed to exist.  Not even in nightmares.  Like what the actual f*ck was in my drink last night?  To make matters worse, the killer was lurking somewhere close by, whilst me and my friend Jane were frantically searching for an escape route.

And why do killers always have dinosaur-like hearing.  I mean, I was afraid to even breathe in my dream.  And then when we got out, I briefly woke, recited about 20 Our Fathers and 50 Hail Marys before my heart rate returned to almost acceptable.  By then, I was so aggravated and exhausted, I punched my pillow, envisioned catching Mewtwo on Pokemon GO, and fell back asleep…

…only to rebound into another, less horrific dream.  It was still terrible though.  Now, I was in my old bedroom at my parents’ house – again with Jane – frantically creating a hiding place in the attic, before the killer showed up for us.  How long do killers hang around and wait for their prey?  I was scrounging up food, blankets, water, flashlights, and all sorts of survival crap.  I was planning for a long bloody wait, apparently.

I don’t think I want to know what those dreams were all about in my subconscious.

What I do know is that I might start a dream journal – starting January 1st.  God help me if anyone finds it.  They might have me committed.

1 thought on “I Should Be Writing Scripts

  1. I can totally relate to you ..I’m a bad sleeper too. I have the weirdest dreams that sometimes makes no sense..will give the dream therapist run for their money but a dream journey is actually a good idea. All the best!


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