Dream Journal #1

The other day, I posted about keeping a daily dream journal. This should go well. I’m already prepared for the men in white suits to show up with a straight jacket.

Considering the fact that it’s New Year’s Day – and my state of mind last night … and how much I had to drink … – I remember very little about my dreams. It probably doesn’t help that I fell asleep in the living room (a nightly occurrence), listening to my favorite ASMRist.

Hi Michael. 😉

I have an entire playlist of ASMR.

I’m getting off track again. Whoops.

Whenever I listen to ASMR, I tend to actually forget my dreams. However, if I go back to bed after my son goes to school (a daily occurrence), I usually remember those dreams.

I purchased a dream encyclopedia, but I’m slightly afraid to look at it yet.

And finally, the one thing I do remember about any dreams I had early this morning involved leaving the comfort of my warm fluffy bed to use the bathroom. I hate bathroom dreams.

I wonder if that is the one dream that really has no psychological meaning behind it. Again, I’m afraid to find out.

The only thing that sucks about keeping a dream journal (besides the psychological factor) is if I happen to remember something later in the day, I have to come back here and edit.

Until then, Happy New Year!

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