What a World

I’m not sure what to think anymore.

I know I shouldn’t be judging, but there are some things that just make me question … well, just everything.

Why is it necessary to save everything?  Our planet is already full of unnecessary things.

When I was young, my grandmother told me horror stories about how my grandfather used to save his own body parts.  Mind you, it was things like his teeth, and a fingertip that he lost when a storm window slammed down on his fingers.  But still – GROSS!

Just the other day, a person asked (online, of course) if anyone saves their children’s teeth to sew them into a ‘monster doll’. WHY, when the ones sold online use fake baby teeth (THANK FUCK!)? Still creepy!



I don’t know why, but when I saw a similar post about breast milk jewelry today, I was equally shocked and slightly disturbed.  Come to find out, someone I know actually crafts it for moms out there.

If it’s a matter of DNA preservation, why not just save a hair with the follicle attached?  I just don’t get it.  And what ever happened to a camera?  Some things just shouldn’t be made into memories, in my freaked out opinion.

Oh well.  If my husband croaks before me, maybe I’ll grant his wish, and have him sent for taxidermy.  Or maybe I’ll just make a nice 8×10 for my nightstand.

I wonder what Jenny Lawson would say about tooth monster dolls and breast milk jewelry?

I think I need a little help from Mr. Daniels to erase this shit from my brain…

3 thoughts on “What a World

      • It’s funny. I live in Tennessee, where Jack Daniel’s is made, and we have a really high liquor tax which is even higher for locally-distilled spirits. Evan Williams comes from Kentucky. So a half-gallon of Jack costs just over $50 after tax, whereas I can buy a half gallon of Evan for $21.99 – $23.99!


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