Dream Journal #7

I’m late.  But there’s a reason, which I won’t elaborate on.

Last night’s dreams involved trying to get an ice cream cone.  The lady serving me kept getting it wrong.  When an experienced employee finally took over, she proceeded to shove a spoon into my ice cream to make sure it tasted okay.  EWW

Well, thanks lady.  Now that your germs are in my cone, I don’t want it.  Give me a new cone, with different ice cream.  “Well if you want a new one, you need to go around to the other side of the building”.  UGH!  Alright.  But only because I want my damn ice cream.

Meanwhile, as I’m working my way around this insanely long ass building, I encounter people who are trying to sabotage my brand new truck!  One guy gave me the wrong parts, and another guy tried stealing my clothes and groceries out of the truck.  DUDE!  I just want my fucking ice cream.  Leave my shit alone and let me get to the other side of the building!

Nope.  They gotta go and mess with me, and make my truck so it doesn’t work.  Assholes.

And when I finally make it to the counter where they have the ice cream that I want, it’s midnight, and of course they’re CLOSED.  So, I have to find a hotel, in the middle of nowhere.  People won’t help me with directions, so I get lost, and wind up in Canada, where they arrest me for trying to bring illegal ice cream (which I totally don’t have!!!) across the border.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT???  I’m so relieved I woke up from that nightmare.  But after I went to the bathroom, I just had to go back to sleep, just to find myself on the shore of some weird dried out lake, where my family reunion was being held, and people were mad at me for some reason, and they wouldn’t give me any food.  So, I went home, only to find out my house was for sale!

I think I’m not sleeping tonight.  I don’t want a repeat of last night’s dreams.

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