Criss Angel RAW Review

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Criss Angel show.

No words can express the excitement levels and emotions I experienced.  After 13 years of waiting, I finally had a ticket to see him.  Many thanks to my husband for the best ‘Chrissmas’ present ever.

It has been a few years since he has filmed anything for television, as he is concentrating on finishing up his 10 year contract with Cirque du Soleil  – and taking care of his son, Johnny Christopher, who has leukemia.

When I saw the above Instagram video, my heart came back to life.

I could write a book about the show, but something tells me Criss would prefer I didn’t.  So, I’ll just say that he keeps the audience engaged all the time, adding humor and participation into his routine, keeping people in their seats.  Seeing it live makes the entire experience feel like the first time I ever saw him on television.

RAW is a mixture of old school, season 1 Mindfreak and music.  I’m so happy I got to experience this show.  Some folks may try to leak the secrets of magic and illusion, but Criss is brilliant and always true to his long time loyal family.  I don’t care what anyone says about his ‘cheesy street magic’.  He’ll always be in my heart, and a source of continual enjoyment for as long as he is performing.

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