Forgive Me

On my old blog, I used to post about David Garrett a lot. I can’t help it. People have no clue how often I’m tempted to blog about him on a daily basis. But, I need to keep a little variety on this new blog. Hence the reason why I’m writing about David right now, in light of my daily dream journal and the daily prompts.

I’ve seen this man in concert three times, and met him twice. I know it’s probably cliché to say this, but there really are no words when it comes to David and his talents.

I chose this example so that those who do not know of David can hear how truly talented he is, without his band backing him on stage.

I’ve been doing my best to distract myself from constantly listening to his music and wondering when he’ll return to North America for a tour, but I’m failing. MISERABLY. His music and charisma are like a drug. There can never be enough.

I’ll close with another fine example of the crossover music he performs …

… and a plea …

Please, David. I’m not sure how it works with your labels, but please please, I’m begging. Come back to America.

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