Dream Journal #13

My favorite number! … My mother is turning in her grave. She hated that number. It was bad luck for her.

Speaking of 13, I was 13 in my dreams last night. It was weird because I had an older person’s body. I was back in school, under the scrutiny of a very bitter 8th grade teacher. I’m pretty sure I was sweating in my sleep, because when I woke up briefly to turn on my other side, my hair was damp and my heart was pounding. Bad memories haunting my subconscious, I guess.

When I went back to sleep, I immediately aged, and had another child, who looked just like my now 20 year old daughter did when she was a baby. We were back in our old home, and I was getting ready to take her for a walk in her stroller. Unlike my daughter when she was a baby, this baby in my dreams was full of laughter and smiles.

On my walk, I wound up at school again. The baby was with me still, and I was looking for the gymnasium. I think there was a competition. But I never made it because I accidentally slammed into another mother with a baby in her stroller. After a brief altercation, I left, and drove to the department of motor vehicles to renew my driver’s license.


I think this next part has to do with an article I read about Erie County New York possibly requiring a blood pressure test at the DMV. When I read this, I swear to God smoke billowed out of my ears. I know America is unhealthy, but there needs to be limits on where and when our health is monitored.

Before I start ranting about big brother, I need to talk about this trip to the DMV. They screened my vision, which is the part I hate, because I have problems with my eyes, which I don’t want to address because if I need to have anything done to my eyes to save my vision, I’m going to lose my marbles completely. Just stick me in the mental ward, because I’ll have permanent severe ptsd if I need to have any surgery on my eyes. I’ll be like one of those soldiers who saw shit in the Vietnam war.

But then the vision screening turned into a sales pitch and an attempt to collect on all of my horrendous medical debts. I signed my life away – again – and promised to pay for my new glasses in monthly installments. The lady at the vision center / DMV promised to come and take my eyesight away if I missed a payment.

JESUS H CHRIST … Time to wake the f*ck up!

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