Too Soon?

In light of the recent ridiculous Tide pod challenge, I just can’t help my twisted sense of humor. I posted jokes in two places on social media today, and I’ve already gotten one very scathing message in my private inbox from an obviously fake profile.

Get a grip.

Does it really shock people when others make hilarious memes and horrible jokes about others’ misfortune? I mean let’s face it. Most people laugh at the expense of others in some way or another. People are the butt of jokes. I should know. I’ve endured it all of my life so far. Hell, I even got a Christmas card recently poking fun at something from my past. For a few seconds, I was like son of a bitch. But then I laughed it off as I put the card through my paper shredder.

But I digress. If you can’t laugh at life, why live? I take that back, because people might twist my words, thinking I’m encouraging some awful alternative to living.

Laugh a little, folks. Yes, terrible things happen. No, people aren’t going to stop making jokes about those things. As I say with other things that easily offend certain people, keep scrolling.

Good morning, and have a nice day.

PS: I just can’t help tagging ‘Food and Drink’. Bite me.

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