No More Carpets

I just love being attacked for trying to raise awareness about a serious situation.

For as long as I can remember, sexual harassment is all too often swept under the carpet. In the work place, women are blamed for dressing inappropriately, or speaking suggestively with their mannerisms. In schools, young women are victimized by not only their perpetrators, but also by the general public in defense of their perpetrators. They are scrutinized to the point of shame.

It needs to stop.

As a victim of harassment, I wish to warn the general public. And, in light of Betsy DeVos’ damaging ‘efforts’, I just want to say thank you – for putting millions of women at risk. Thanks to you, Ms. DeVos, a loved one is now a victim as well, and we are fairly certain nothing will be done, unless we file official charges with the local police department.

What Betsy DeVos has done basically gives men the false notion that it’s OK to stalk and verbally harass women.

I close with a cry for help, to devise a new strategy in keeping women safe in school, college, and in the work place.

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