Trilled and Thrilled

I try not to start an entry with ‘OH MY GOD!!!‘, but I just can’t help myself. WordPress has given me one of the best one word prompts ever!

I think I’ve blogged about this before, but hey. Why not again? I mean, it’s only one of my favorite pieces for the violin. Might I add that it’s one of my top 3 pieces that my favorite violinist performs.

Here is Devil’s Trill Sonata, by Giuseppe Tartini – performed by David Garrett.

And now, here is a full version.

It sends me to the stratosphere EVERY … SINGLE … TIME.

Whether or not you’re a classical music enthusiast, this young man could very well turn you on to it. Did I just say that???

I apologize … for nothing. He does it for me. My husband always says I go through phases, where I get fixated on one artist or another for a couple of years, and then move onto the next.

Not in this case. There is no end in site where David Garrett is concerned. Only one other artist has held my heart for any length of time. It is a true mark of talent.

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