Wacky Temps

I’m not talking about the weird fevers I’ve had in the past couple of weeks.

Rather, I’m referring to a blanket I’m currently crocheting.  It’s called a temperature blanket/afghan.  And since I’ve been experiencing a fever, I’m hoping I didn’t post about this before.  If I did, maybe it didn’t contain this picture…


It can’t POSSIBLY contain it, because I just bloody took the shot a few minutes ago.

Most people reading this entry will wonder what the hell kind of blanket this is.  There’s no fancy pattern, and there certainly isn’t any logical explanation for the obnoxious colors I’m using.

Experienced crocheters might say OOOOH!, right before questioning my colors of choice.

In addition to creating a temperature blanket – where the daily temperature determines the color – I’ve decided to stray from the norm, and use different colors, based on a strict range of temperatures (also decided by me).  The above picture is what I have as of yesterday.

Some people might ask why I’ve strayed from the suggested colors.  My answer is simply this:  If I don’t use what yarn I have, my husband will definitely shred my credit card, and I’ll never be allowed out of the house unsupervised again.

And finally, I think I’m a yarn hoarder.


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