I Need Another Mask

The one I have is worn out. People (mainly my husband) are starting to see through it.

How else does one cope with constant disappointment? I know, life is nothing but disappointments. My former doctor in New York would tell me to suck it up. Meanie. But doc, I can only suck so much, before it turns pornographic!

I apologize for nothing.  I just had to throw in my dirty mind.

Could I maybe conjure a spell or something similar, to protect myself from constant letdown?  Depression is exhausting enough.  Adding insult to injury just sucks gigantic elephant balls, and I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of hoping, wanting, wishing, and dreaming.  It’s all bullshit, because in some past life, I must have done something horrific, and now I’m paying for my sins.  It’s as simple as that.  Someone, somewhere, does not want me happy.  Or healthy, for that matter.

I guess all I can say is ‘oh well’.  I’ve had a few years of fun.  The party is over.  Back to reality, being poor, and bored with nothing to do except rot in my recliner, staring out a window.

Depression sucks.  And this is one of those days.  I’ll be fine.  Promise.

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