How To Avoid Rebound Flu

…when your spouse comes down with the plague…

Become encrusted with something impenetrable.

Purchase gallons of disinfectant, douse the house with it, and light a match – after wrapping said spouse in layers of bubble wrap for an escape, whilst wearing something suitable for nuclear fallout.

Or, just load up on zinc and vitamin c, purchase extra Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, face masks, gloves, and hope for the best, whilst sleeping in the other room.

If I get sick again, I’ll be pissed, because hubby is the sharing type, and I don’t like to share germs. I’m a germophobe (sp?). If he weren’t my husband (for better or worse … sickness and health … blah blah blah), I’d be staying at the hotel down the road.


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