My Last Nerve

…just crapped out…

All thanks to Kevin, my husband.

He knows what a jumpy person I am, and given the weird shit I’ve seen in our house, I don’t like being alone – if that makes any sense, since I prefer to be a loner.

A month or so ago, we got a smart light bulb.  It uses less wattage, and it can be adjusted between true sunlight, tungsten lighting, and brightness preferences.  But you need a smart device and an app to make it work.  Otherwise, it’s useless.

I’m still getting used to this damn bulb, and periodically reach for the switch next to my recliner, where I sit on my ass most nights, watching Molly (my fish), listening to music, and crocheting.

Today, as I was talking to Kevin during his lunch, in the middle of me rambling about some new shirts I got, the damn light turned on.

…except I had no arms to jump into…

After my heart plummeted into my asshole, it took about 1 second to remember that the stupid bulb can be remotely controlled, and that my ‘funny’ husband was screwing with me.

HE thought it was funny.  I haven’t heard him laugh like that in a long time, so I let it slide … this time.

Ah, well.  Typical husband/wife shenanigans.


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