Patience Is A Virgin

I don’t know where the hilarious spin on the original saying came from, but when I first saw it, it was in a quotes column in the school newspaper where I went to college.  And of course my boyfriend had to go and say “Well then you must not have a lot of patience”, causing me to choke on my food, because he said it in front of his friends, who all knew I was a virgin before I met him.

The funny part is, patience is considered a virtue because of how rare it is.  Hmmmm, so is virginity!  Especially these days, where people don’t want to wait for anything.  But this isn’t a rant about jerks on the roads who always leave late, or the lack of courtesy in a checkout line, or road rage, or …. oops.

If patience is something that you have to work hard at (I worked hard at keeping my virginity – until I was 20, and I got drunk one night, and my boyfriend turned me into putty), then it shouldn’t surprise me when I hear how young the ‘average age’ is for a person’s first time.

Finally, a small gif!!!

But virginity and patience are both huge things.

Patience takes a lot of self restraint, which involves a lot of tongue biting, sitting on itchy hands when at the keyboard, and chewing gum like a mad person when stuck in traffic.

Uh oh.  The gifs are getting bigger.  But it accurately represents stuck in traffic.

Seriously though.  Why do teens set themselves up for the worst angst?  Do they not understand how emotional sex can be, even if they think they’re only doing it because it’s FUN, or because everyone else is doing it?  It’s not fun crying for months after your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you.  It’s not fun being called a slut, even though you did it one time.  It’s not fun catching a disease or getting pregnant before you can even drive – or spell, for that matter!

Don’t be drinking or eating when you watch this.  Hot coffee just spewed from my nose, even though I’ve seen this video at least 10 times.

But I’m not here to lecture about sex.  This is supposed to be about patience, and I have ‘no room to speak’ about sex.  I too was very curious at an early age, much to my parents’ and a certain Catholic school teacher’s detriment.


I know it’s easier said than done, but I think if everyone just slowed down a bit, patience wouldn’t be that difficult.  People truly kill me when I hear them complain about how stressed and burned out they are.  Well, don’t make your kids play every sport there is, and don’t give them everything they want, and don’t bite off more than you can chew socially.

As an adult, raising children and work are enough without adding too many extras.  And that’s when patience dies, because there is no time for patience.  There’s only one answer.

Quit this bullsh*t, and make time.  Lessen life’s loads a little.

I can only imagine people’s reactions to that easy solution.

Aww!  Poor Mr. Furley only got a tiny little gif for his huge reaction.

Anyway, patience takes major practice, and if it really is a virgin, then there are a lot of people losing it at a ridiculously young age.  I won’t be pointing fingers at those who know they are to blame for this problem.


5 thoughts on “Patience Is A Virgin

  1. I enjoyed reading this – the gifs sprinkled throughout were fitting too. I think that sex is becoming something that happens quite early in people’s lives. As someone who also waited until age 20, I agree with your sentiments here. Thanks for sharing on this.


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