THIS Is The Big Deal

A little over 2 years ago, I started seeing a chiropractor for several cervical spine problems.  Having a herniated neck disc and degenerative arthritis sucks gigantic elephant balls.  Especially when it causes burning pain and numbness right down to your fingertips – bilaterally.

But the chiropractor is helping me, a LOT, in more ways than one.

Until I started seeing her, I’ve never heard of diffusing essential oils.


I only thought they were used in massage therapy, which an old friend used to use quite often on me, and recommended I use them.  But she never told me how to use them.

Extensive research on these little miracle workers has shown me just how many ways they can be used.  Who’d have thought a digestive blend can ease a sour stomach?  Or that coconut oil (fractionated pure essentials only!) can help some skin problems?

If I were to go into how many health issues I have, a lot of which are allergies and digestion, you’d be like wtf kind of rare medical unicorn IS this chick?

I’ve recently fallen victim to the unsightly keratosis pilaris once again.  I hate it.  I used to get it on the backs of my upper arms and upper thighs when I was a teen.  But those used to pop like pimples.  Now, they are in the form of solidified atrocities on my forearms, and .. well, I’ll spare the gruesome details of what I currently do to my poor skin, and how it is leaving terrible scars.  If my grandparents and mother were still alive to see me doing this….

BUT, there are those naysayers (usually big pharma, and the doctors who are so paranoid that they have no choice but to say ‘no, herbs don’t work’ because their jobs are on the line) who love to debunk homeopathic solutions … because they know damn well that they work, and that they create chaos for big pharma.

For non life threatening issues, I’d rather use natural solutions.  And if they help me, I’ll take it over shady synthetic chemicals that are most likely bullshit anyways, designed to take our money and kill us 10-20 years earlier than we’re supposed to die.

Meanwhile, I’m about to get an uplifting essential oils blend called CHEER, by doTERRA.  Of the 4 psychologists I’ve seen in the past 13 years, ALL of them have highly recommended aromatherapy.

I shit you not.  These damn things work.  I have about 25 of them, and the effect they have on the mood, digestion, skin, etc. are astounding.  Call it mind over matter, witchcraft, or whatever – IT FREAKING WORKS.

Even for some pain.

Try it.  What have you got to lose?  If anything, you’ll benefit from the joys of nice smelling oils.  Face it.  When things smell good, your mood is always lifted.  And when you can achieve that, other positive things happen.

“Bill f*ckin’ Murray!”


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