It’s Amazing!

In the gaming world (and the online world in general), there are a lot of bullies and cowardly keyboard ‘warriors’.  However, a negative experience can be turned around in favor of those who are bullied!

I personally witnessed a situation where a gaming member was aggressively bullied (just a couple of days ago!) to the point of them logging off during a battle, even though that member was an experienced, leveled up player.

Given my childhood experiences with verbal bullying, I was surprised to see a recent turn of events with above said bullied gaming member, where they spontaneously led a run of battles, to which they were all successful.  It amazed me how many ‘sheep’ followed that bullied member’s unplanned lead, based on certain popular protocols within the adult community.

That said, those who are bullied should never succumb to the antics of those who might have a difficult life, therefore take to bullying others to make them feel superior.  Always hold your chin high, and chalk up terrible experiences to ‘experience‘ to build a BETTER YOU!

YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM! And don’t ever forget that.

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