A Good Night of Sleep

FINALLY!!!  It has been forever since I’ve had solid uninterrupted sleep.

The only time I got up was when my son got up for school, only to tell him that it’s a snow day.

After a brief peek out the window and a bathroom run, I crawled back under my down comforter fluff, and went back to sleep until 9:30.

My dreams weren’t that great to start, but things took a turn, and I definitely feel very rested today.

What little I remember of my dream happened after 7:00, and they weren’t quite as horrific as usual, but some unpleasantries were involved, such as going to the doctor, which I always hate, and I wind up with high blood pressure readings as a result.  The doctor couldn’t decide what procedure I needed, so he admitted me to the hospital for further testing.

The other horrifying thing in my dream was watching David Garrett (OF ALL PEOPLE!!!) go through a barbaric surgery next to me in my hospital room.  He was screaming at me because he didn’t want the surgeons to touch his hands.  But the surgery wasn’t on his hands.  He was just freaking out, because he thought his hands were next.

And then I was being sent home, but couldn’t get home because there were no bloody ubers or cabs available.  So, I had to walk, carrying some amputated hands in a cooler!!!

And then David was stalking me all the way home because I didn’t help him save his hands.  “BUT … BUT … THEY’RE RIGHT HERE IN THE COOLER!!!”  And we proceeded to walk through some gigantic mountainous forest in search of a witch doctor who could reattach his hands, because he had to get back to work, ASAP!

But then when we finally reached the witch doctor, his hands had grown back, and he became paranoid, thinking that I was an evil witch, and started playing his violin to chase me away.

Except I didn’t run away from him, and for some weird reason, I grew two extra arms, and started playing 2 violins, because now it was a fucking competition.  And this was the song we were playing.

The version that shows him playing opposite himself has magically disappeared.

But then I started to laugh (because of my 4 arms) in my dream AND for real as I slept, which pissed me off because my own cackling woke me up from what was starting to be a great dream, because David Garrett was in it, which NEVER HAPPENS!!!


I miss him. 😥

And, I miss playing my violin.  I feel David’s pain, as I also suffer with neck (and back) issues.  Sometimes it seems like it’s never ending.  I think last night’s much needed rest was the result of a really good adjustment yesterday.  My chiropractor is AWESOME.



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