Q-Tip … Moments

NEVER stick anything in your ear canals.  It’s dangerous.  You could lose your f*cking hearing.  Yet, so many of us do it;  myself included.

Do I want to know how big those ears are?

Nevertheless, I’m sure most of us are guilty of grabbing a cotton swab whenever their ears itch … all the way to their tonsils.  And why the hell do our ears itch like that?  Are there nerves that travel from the eardrums to the tonsils?  Give me a toothbrush for my tonsils, because sometimes, no amount of ear itching will satisfy that deep itch.

It’s inevitable, and then you need to satisfy that itch.  If you don’t, there is NO moving forward, because whatever the hell is making your ears itch, it’s hellbent on making you miserable until you give it what it wants.

Q-tips aside, some of us are so desperate when the itch monster attacks, that we grab anything (bobby pin anyone? … don’t listen to me .. I have terrible hearing loss) available, just to reach that spot.

Seriously though.  If you’re going to shove anything in your ears, just use your fingers, or go to the doctor and complain.  If anything, just use a cotton swab.  And for GOD sake, BE CAREFUL.  You could perforate your eardrums.  And, it hurts like f*ck when you accidentally poke those highly sensitive brain barriers.  Trust me.  I’ve done it several times.  I’m stupid.




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