Stop It

Challenges are getting way out of hand.

The first act of stupidity I heard of was a few short years back, when kids – when I say kids, I mean anyone 25 and under – were burning their skin with ice and salt.

Okay.  I can see trying something to see if it’s true.  But for GOD sake, if you see a video of someone burning their flesh off, WHY THE HELL are YOU going to do it?  That shit is not only painful, but pointless.  I mean, what are you trying to prove???  Your bravery?

Bravery is shoving another person out of the middle of the street when they’re about to get hit by a car.  And if someone is stupid enough to play chicken to prove themselves, perhaps they need HELP, as do those who challenge them to such a potentially fatal end.

There’s nothing funny at all about this challenge.  It ends with death.

The cinnamon challenge was bad enough.  My daughter did it, and she nearly hacked up a lung.

More recent was the Tide pod challenge.  And now … the condom snorting challenge!

Due to the risk of being reported, I won’t caption the above gif.  But, any ‘House’ fan will know what he would say about condom snorting … or any other outrageous challenge.

End of sermon.

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