Completely Clueless

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and they casually (and vaguely) say something which sounds like it happened in the past, and you just don’t get what the hell they are trying to say?  And then when they deliver the punchline, you STILL don’t get it, because what they tell you versus what is going through your head are two different things, or at least you THINK they’re two different things???

Completely confusing, RIGHT?  I hope so, because either my memory is SO bad, or people are just making shit up just freak me out because they know how bad my memory is!

It’s not funny.  But I’m sure once I figure it out, I’ll be like

…because I clearly need things spelled out for me.  Especially when it’s late and I’m tired.

PS: Turns out it had nothing to do with me. And yes, it needed to be spelled out.  Otherwise I was not going to sleep tonight.

I think I’m going to bed early, after I pop some melatonin to insure I don’t remember any dreams, because my GOD,  I just hurt my brain trying to remember what memorable thing I didn’t do that I absolutely could not remember!

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