Totoro Is Possessed

As cute and cuddly as he is, I must admit those eyes can be slightly unsettling when you’re trying to sleep.  But I generally face the wall when I sleep, because the fan is on my nightstand, and I need to drape my hand across it in order to get any amount of sleep.

Totoro’s loving gaze isn’t usually an issue for me anyway.  He’s on my side of the headboard, facing forward most of the time.  But at least twice a week, I find him facing the other way, with his poor face in the corner section of the headboard.  And when I reach for him in the morning, I’m greeted with a big fat tail.

Either Kevin doesn’t like him, or his tail is so big, it gets in the way of his sleep.  I’m afraid to ask Kevin why I keep finding Totoro facing the other way.

Maybe I’ll just stick him with Pikachu on the nightstand.  But then I’m afraid I’ll wake up to something weird, or they’ll invite my moose, koala, and giraffe for a secret party when I least expect.  And then they’ll all be lined up on my headboard in the morning, facing the other way when I wake.

Meanwhile, it’s time to consider cleaning.  My friends are getting dusty, and I’m sure they’re getting pissed at me for giving Totoro more attention.

And just so you know, I never really had soft squishy cute plushies as a child.  I’m making up for it with just a few.

The only ones I need now are …

…my boys…

Now if only there were a Criss Angel plush.  Time to drop an email with APWI marketing.

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