Daydream Believer

When I saw today’s prompt, the first thing I did was smile.  The only subject which always holds my attention.  If you were a stranger I’m meeting for the first time, talk about music.  You’ll have my instant undivided attention – and my heart.

This is what I’ve been listening to (and watching) lately.

Growing up, I didn’t experience many concerts until after high school – with the exception of Itzhak Perlman when I was 15.  My dad took me to that amazing performance.

My parents were strict, and I wasn’t permitted to stay out late, unless it was next door, at my best friend’s house.  And only if I was staying overnight.  So, concerts were definitely out of the question.

Speaking of my best friend, she was the one who got me into The Monkees when the show was airing during the mid 80’s.  We used to buy each other vinyl lp’s for birthdays and Christmas, until we had a sizeable collection.  Too bad my father sold part of my collection at a flea market by accident.

But by that time, I was focused on collecting lp’s by my favorite rock band.

Even though Kilroy Was Here stirred a lot of disappointment with hard core fans – it’s also Tommy Shaw’s least favorite album – it’s the album which got me into Styx.  I finally got to see them in concert 30+ years later.  What a wait!

Fullscreen capture 4152018 121853 PMacirca 2014

My selfie skills stink.  So do my makeup skills.  I don’t wear any because I’m lazy, and can’t be bothered 99% of the time.  But, if you’d like to see more of my mombie-fied mug, feel free to check out my Instagram account.  You’ll see that filters are my makeup.

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite song is – in general – they won’t get an answer.  Even if they ask what my favorite song is by each of my favorite artists, they still won’t get an answer.  The best I can do is a top 5.

Since I like most genres, it’s difficult to even nail down a top 10 overall list.

6 thoughts on “Daydream Believer

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  5. Love this post! As Kilroy/Mr. Roboto got me into Styx as well! At least it helped me to discover their older music (Crystal Ball)! I don’t think I could even do a top 5 favorite song. I mean it really depends on what mood I am in. It constantly changes, and keeps evolving. That doesn’t make it easy at all. Thank you for sharing!


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