Something Is Wrong With Me

I watched Unfriended a little while ago, and actually found myself laughing at how horrible the characters turned out to be.

It’s not surprising, really.  Given today’s ease of use and highly accessible technology, things like identity theft, stalking, and bullying have become unspeakably horrific.

When a Skype chat turns bad for a group of friends, their sins are exposed by an evil and very angry force.   Things take a turn during a game of never have I ever – basically confessing your sins – hopefully teaching the viewer to rethink bullying, lying, and throwing important people under the bus.  It could come back to haunt you.

As for laughing, my best friend called me a sicko.  I think I laughed at how stupid the characters are, who all believed they could get away with screwing each other over.  As the old saying goes, karma is a bitch.  She WILL come back and bite you in the ass sooner or later, if you’ve wronged others.

If you believe in things like having a soul, the afterlife, and anything celestial, watch this during the day.  If you’re a conspiracy theorist like me, the creep factor revolving around an easily hackable internet might bother you.

And now I’m off to watch more creepy shit.  I wonder why I don’t sleep well, and have whacked dreams…

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