Be prepared for a brief movie review – of 2 films, actually.

It isn’t until recently that I’ve been into any type of action films.  One of my best friends can take the credit for that, and my mild obsession with horror films.  Thanks to her, I’m now immune to The Exorcist.  But I’m not reviewing that film.

I’m here to talk about the hilarity in both Crank films, starring Jason Statham as Chev Chelios.

If you don’t like spoilers, or even trailers, then you have been warned.  Keep scrolling if you haven’t seen these action packed comedies.

Watching Statham’s character go to every length to stay alive almost ended me.  Especially a hospital scene where he’s searching for epinephrine to shoot up.  And then the scene where he’s still wearing the hospital gown, walking around with uncontrollable wood.

But the second film is my favorite of the two.

Scenes involving Venus are the some of the funniest.  Most memorable, for me anyways, was a brief part where a stripper comes out in the street and screams “You owe me big time!” … reminiscent of this famous line, from a different film.

If crude humor isn’t your thing, then these films may not be for you.  But it’s a safe bet that you’ll be fine if you’re into any type of heavy action films that contain violence and coarse language.

Meanwhile, I’m off to search my streaming subscriptions to revisit both Crank films.  It’s cold, raining, and crappy.  Perfect day for a film binge whilst I get current with household things – and die from dust allergies in the process…



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