Something Bit My Boob!

I don’t know if I have ninja bugs in my house, but I can’t seem to find where the hell these bites are coming from.

Or maybe the weird things I’m dreaming about are leaving marks on me?  Or do I have a tiny bat?  I would like to think it’s too early for mosquitoes.  Did I say that last night?

I certainly hope ants aren’t making their way into my bed!  I haven’t seen many since I put the Borax/sugar mix all over the house.  There’s only a few now.

I’m tired of finding bites.  If I wake up tomorrow with any more, I’m going to be pissed, because it seems like whatever is enjoying my blood, it prefers to bite me in private places!  What’s next?  Don’t answer that.

No, we don’t have bed bugs.  We’ve checked.  Why?  Because there’s an ongoing bed bug problem not so far from where we leave, and I’d like for my kids to sleep in their beds, thank you very much.  It’s bad enough my daughter has a fear of ladybugs, which I totally understand why.  But I’m not explaining that one.

My son, forget it.  He has been hallucinating bugs lately, and when he was getting ready for school the other day, he was yelling “I’m losing my mind!  There was a spider, and when I blinked, it disappeared!”.

Ugh kid.  Let me sleep.


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