Can Thursday Be A Taco Day?

What little recall I have of my dreams this morning – I went back to sleep from 7:30 until 11:00 – obviously says I’m craving something.  But what do cravings mean, in general?  They don’t happen that often.  At least not in my waking hours.

Frequent dreams of driving and searching for the best NYC style pizza don’t surprise me anymore.  I’m far from starving.  So, why am I constantly having food dreams in the middle of all my other dreams?

In between entertaining my friend and his guests, I was sent on beer and food runs.  When I came back empty-handed, I was sent back out, with a massive order for Mighty Taco written in a notebook.  Geez, guys.  Hungry much?

If you’re not from Western New York, you won’t know what Mighty Taco is.  And if you are, then eating at Taco Bell is a sacrilege.  So is ranch dressing with your celery if you’re eating Buffalo wings.  Thick and chunky blue cheese only!

When I finally returned with bags loaded with Super Mighty tacos and double layered bean dip, I was promoted!  Then I found myself quickly shoveling in the last taco, before I was immediately put to work with the sound check guys, making sure all the equipment was correct.

Anything before or beyond tacos and sound checks, other than who I was doing sound checks for, is a blank.

But now, I’m craving tacos for real.  Mighty Taco, more specifically.  But that isn’t happening unless I want to pay outrageous shipping (yes they ship), and gain 10 more pounds.

I’m hangry, so I just might say screw it, and defrost a pound of ground beef.

But, but… there’s leftover spaghetti, damnit! No tacos today.  Definitely tomorrow.

Can you tell I want tacos?????



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