Are You A Bull?

In a China shop?

There are some people in this world who no matter what, even if they’re in a completely empty room, with bare walls and a floor with no rug, they still manage to break or ruin something in that room.  Be it breaking their toe when they pass through a doorway, or accidentally putting a hole in the bare wall with their pointy elbow, they somehow manage the worst.

I personally know someone who is like this.  Unfortunately, when shit starts happening on an off day – something dropped, spilled, or broken – extreme anger sets in.  I should know by now to head for the hills, but I don’t, because I’m stupid.  And then I’m suddenly the involuntary recipient of wrath.

More often than not, it’s impossible to escape the anger that ensues as a result of clumsy disaster.  Distance wouldn’t even make a difference, because phones…….

But why throw a tantrum over a broken candle, or a box of sorted screws that accidentally got kicked?  I can understand if a car gets wrecked and a $25 steak gets accidentally burned on the grill.  But having a fit over spilled screws?!  It’s not the end of the fucking world.

I just don’t get why people lose their minds over little things.




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