Aye Aye!

That should technically be II, but the average reader wouldn’t understand.

My two favorite internet personalities kicked off their Interactive Introverts tour a few days ago. Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are exploding with spoilerinos.  If you’re not a fan of spoilers, don’t you dare search that tag.  You might have a meltdown of sorts.  Especially if you’re a demon phannie.

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the adventure begins. danandphiltour.com

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And since each show is supposedly different, who knows what they have up their sleeves?

Somehow, I just knew months in advance, that Dan would be playing the piano for us.  I get those ‘prediction’ feelings sometimes.  I cannot wait to see in it person.  Dan at the piano is my ‘aesthetic’.  Playing the piano is one of Dan’s passions, and I love him for that fact alone.  I can totally see him becoming the leader of a new YouTube movement – performing his own originals on the piano.  Could music possibly be the next major trend for aspiring YouTubers?  We will see…

If you really need spoilers, then by all means, stalk that iispoilers tag.  But I don’t recommend it if you’re planning to attend a show or three.  Spoilers ruin the surprise!

Meanwhile, Dan and Phil are busy giving the people what they want, whilst regularly updating their Instagram stories.  Those are fun, and they make them even more fun!

See you soon, boys!


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