There’s Nothing Worse

Than an abrupt sleep disruption – at 2 a.m.  And then you can’t get back to sleep for 5 hours.

But when exhaustion finally takes over, you have whacked dreams about eating outrageous amounts of food, and being left in a strange city to find your own way back to the restaurant.  And if you don’t find your way back to the restaurant, you will never eat again, because apparently, they are the only ones left on the planet who has any food, because there’s some strange disease killing off every animal and plant – except in the restaurant, where they’re growing things in underground basements and tunnels below their restaurant.

I hate long paragraphs.  Or was that a run-on sentence?

But I totally didn’t have such weird dreams this morning.  Nope.  I 100% deny gorging on lobster and steak, and God knows what else in my dream.  I also deny that I was a complete greedy raging lunatic, who killed anyone who interfered with my mealtimes.

I think I’m watching too much Santa Clarita Diet.

Being on a diet does nasty things to your brain.  It’s not as if I’m starving.  It’s really just a psychological thing.  The fact that I can’t have ‘what I want’ messes with my hunger signals.

I could eat 8 ounces of fish, a giant spinach salad loaded with all kinds of other veggies, a side of black beans, and still be hangry an hour later.

But when I decide screw it, and go OFF my diet for a week or so, then I’m never hungry, and I get full on one f*cking piece of cheese and an apple.

Or am I just insane?  Haven’t we already established this?

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