If anyone out there has ever played Disney’s Toontown Online, it’s back – in the form of a fan ‘rewrite’.  Only toons will understand my title.

Why do I play a children’s game?  Because I’m a rebel at heart, and I don’t do typical adult things.  Hence one of my many toons’ names, Rebel At Heart, a crimson rabbit.  Why am I a rebel?  Because I had a strict mother.

I wasn’t allowed to own video games.  I was lucky I had a computer, but we owned no games, because back then Apple IIe was so basic, there were virtually no games to play.  Oh, wait.  I had a couple of educational games.  I had to use my brain, which I also don’t do.  Having children kind of fried half of it.

I doubt many here play on any of the fan Toontown platforms – or video games, for that matter – but if you ever see a crimson rabbit by the above name, it’s me.  If you need help, just reference this entry.

Finally, before anyone judges me for playing a children’s game, or calls me weird or creepy, let me assure you, I’m not a sicko.  And, there are over 4,000 adults in the Toontown Rewritten community.  A good third of them are over the age of 40.  We are a helping community, since there are so many bullies online.

Each day, there are specific scheduled activities, open to anyone – not just ATTA members.  What’s ATTA?  Adult Toontown Addicts.  And since there’s a safety feature in chat, we aren’t allowed to say the word addict.  So when a non-ATTA member runs across us in a huge group, waiting to do a boss battle, we tell them we are adult toontown ‘attics’.  Then, we either get “Can I join the run?”, or they disappear.

And there you have it.  This is what I spend a lot of my time doing.  Now if only I could figure out how to record my own content for my YouTube Channel.

PS: That’s a doodle.  They are our pets, and we all love them more than the game itself.


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