I shouldn’t complain.  I beg for good sleep most nights.  On the nights I’m granted that wish, I usually don’t recall my dreams.  I suppose that’s a good thing, because then I have nothing to dwell on, and I’ve discovered dwelling sets up the next night’s whacked dreams a lot of times.

At least I didn’t dream about being alone in a forest, searching for something, as I feel strange eyes following me everywhere.  Even worse are the dreams about spiders, bees, and snakes.  Second to someone dying, those are the worst, imo.

But back to the forest.  Does anyone else dream about being alone, among redwood sized trees, with unearthly creatures watching you from afar?  Just me?  Kevin seems to think so, because he insists he rarely dreams, unless it’s too hot in the room.  Then he just has ‘weird’ dreams.  But his definition of weird involves dreaming about people he doesn’t know, or being in a different job, doing something he doesn’t know.

But I digress.  If you ever dream about a forest, don’t go into it.  There’s creepy things there, and you might not make it out alive.


3 thoughts on “Frustration

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    • I feel similar frustration, without the dreams of forest, dreams of being alone, surround by nothing in a vast empty plain. Nothing to obscure the view of my reality, no one, as far as I can see. under-prepared for the elements.

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