Who are some of the worst ones?

I’m not pointing fingers, but when I looked at the forecast yesterday, there was a slight chance of rain for today.  Now, it’s so dark outside, one would think a tornado will be passing through at any moment.  Mind you I live in an area where tornadoes do occasionally pass through, but today is most likely not that day.  It’s too cold outside.

I’m not going to mention other huge liars.  I just wanted to bitch about the weather.  With Memorial Day approaching, I’m praying for good weather, considering our plans for that day.  I don’t own a pair of galoshes.  So if I follow through with my plan, and everything is muddy, I may need to strap plastic bags around my white sneakers.

Thanks to last night’s insomnia, I’m barely human.  I’m seriously considering making good use of a bath bomb.  This craptastic weather is perfect for drawing a hot bath, with lots of candles everywhere.  Hopefully I don’t fall asleep.

Maybe I’ll bring Alexa into the experience.  It’s better than risking the life of my phone.

What do you like to do on a dark rainy day?

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