Now THAT’S A Throwback

Visiting Tumblr is usually not without caution.  Especially since I have a teenager in the house.  And even though more seasoned parents tell me he’s probably seen it all, I don’t need to bloody know!  Tumblr is mainly my source of aesthetically pleasing things, with a bit of phanfiction and gifs thrown into the mix.  Continue reading

Buttery Nipples

It’s not what you think.  I swear!  Okay.  Maybe it is.  I wish it had to do with booze.

Last night’s dreams involved very dry popcorn, and me searching for butter – which I’m not supposed to have because of my stupid diet.  But the only butter available was fat free.  YUCK!!!  So I wound up using a powdered butter substitute, which melts on contact.  But I missed the bowl, and the powder went into my cleavage, and there was butter all over my boobs. Continue reading

Pulp Non-Fiction

Every once in a while, I’ll dream about going to the movies.  It’s something I don’t often do, because I like to save it for something I really want to see.  Most movies can wait until they’re available for streaming or rent.  The drive-in is always a fun thing, but it rarely happens in my dreams.  Last night it happened. Continue reading

Picadilly Dilly

Have you ever searched for a recipe that seems impossible to find?  You know, one of those secret family recipes that might possibly be out there on the world wide web?  Everything is out there, but it seems what I’m looking for might not be.  And because I refuse to ask for the recipe, I’ve taken to scouring the internet. Continue reading