The Only One

Please tell me there are others out there who enjoy having the shit scared out of them by watching weird movies.  And please tell me I’m not the only one who has watched The Exorcist so many times that it makes me laugh at certain parts.

Years ago, family members would buy me a f*cking shit ton of dolls.  I had such a huge doll collection, I made my dad sell most of it after my mom died.  I refuse to have them in my house.  When I was 8, I had a sleepover.  My dolls creeped everyone out.  We had to turn them all around so they weren’t staring at us all night.

I still have a small collection, which is absolutely worthless because I don’t think dolls have any real value unless they’re over 100 years old.  Then they’re just creepy and I don’t want anything to do with them.  Wait, ALL dolls are creepy.

THAT said, why do I keep watching weird movies about creepy possessed dolls?  Or other weird movies for that matter.  I’m better off watching something like Saw, or Friday the 13th.  Oh yeah, I can’t do Jason.  For some reason Mr. Voorhees has always given me nightmares.

This week on streaming services, I’ve watched Open House and The Boy.  Open House kind of disappointed me at the end.  It was like another ending like in The Mist. I was so pissed off.  But The Boy … again with the twisted ending.  I sort of predicted it.  You don’t just narrowly escape death and think it’s all over.

Now, here I am searching for something to watch.  Perhaps I’ll finish The Ritual, or The Wailing, before they’re both gone.  Please send coffee.  My new medication is making me 10 times the mombie I was before I started.


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