Let’s Get This Straight

Even though I’m supposed to be taking a short break, I need to write to keep my mind distracted from something sudden and very scary.

So, I’m watching Dan and Phil’s gaming channel on YouTube, and Phil mentions his sign and certain traits.  It reminded me of an entry on my old blog.  The file I had exported to my hard drive is unfortunately in data heaven.  I cannot find it anywhere, so I’m going to talk about some of my Virgo traits in this entry.

For starters, I’m so not ‘super organized’.  Sometimes I’ll go on a mild organization blitz, but it only goes so far.  I don’t make labels, or organize anything alphabetically.  I just find homes for things, and hope I can remember where the hell I put them when I look for them in 7 years.

And, I’m not a control freak.  Well, I kind of am, but only in the sense where I don’t like planning too much.  It makes me super anxious to have too many things scheduled.  And then I wind up cancelling everything – like something I’ve been looking forward to for a few months, only to suddenly say I’m not going all of a sudden.  …  Reasons. 

Also, I’m really not aware of everything going on.  I’m oblivious most of the time.  BUT, I am a cynic, so I’m likely to think someone is either lying or screwing with me 90% of the time.  That comes from past experience.

Additionally, I do tend to be too curious for my own good.  It gets me in trouble a lot.

On top of that, I’m not as mysterious or as private as other virgos claim to be.  In fact, quite a few people regularly remind me of how I’m an over-sharer.  Oops.  Sorry, not sorry.  That’s just the way it is.

And finally, virgos tend to be hypochondriacs.  Totally me!!!

PS:  An article I was reading said that mushroom is one of my lucky colors.  Since when is mushroom a color?????

I love her ‘do’.  It’s so me.

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