New Guilty Pleasure

Trigger Warning!!!  If you currently have or have ever had an eating disorder, I don’t advise reading and viewing what I’m about to post.  That said, let’s get on with my latest guilty pleasure.  I haven’t had one in a very long time, and it’s slightly unusual.This may seem slightly disgusting, but it’s very mesmerizing and fun to watch.  Especially where story telling is involved, which I love.  Folks, I present to you mukbang.  It’s not exactly new, but I’ve never heard of it until very recently, and I just started watching videos a few days ago.

Now I can’t stop!!!

A gal from Toronto (Veronic Wang – a guest in the video below) is currently a favorite, but I’m sure I’ll discover a lot more mukbangers – is that a proper term for those who film mukbang?  I have no clue.  All I know is there are so many videos, I’m having a difficult time choosing what to watch, other than the spicy ramen challenges.

Veronica Wang is my food hero.  She eats like I wish I could – fast!  But given my digestion issues, all I can do is watch these videos, and hope I can digest a small cup of ramen soup with sriracha sauce.  The heat of the nuclear ramen would probably send me to the hospital.

Health concerns aside, this is a great way to satisfy food cravings, without actually ingesting food.  Some might disagree, especially medical professionals, but as a foodie, I have yet to binge on food.  I just don’t operate that way.  Seeing food or people eating it doesn’t trigger me – thank GOD.

Other than a small hankering for some ramen, I simply do not take pleasure in eating large amounts of food.  I don’t know how people do it, to be honest.  In the meantime, I’ll continue with this new guilty pleasure, as it keeps my mind occupied during a difficult time.

Now pass the blazing hot potato chips. … I’ll last through maybe 2 servings before I start crying.


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