The Perfect Description

Sorry, folks.  No dreams today.  None that I recall at least.  But that can be a good thing for me lately.  Especially with my dreams.

Today is just a general brief entry.

But before I get started, I’d just like to ask one thing: Do people actually donate to those Facebook birthday causes???

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a thing, and it is so true.  Depression isn’t only about being sad.  It’s also about losing interest in things you once loved, and you stop caring about everything.  Then, anxiety is basically caring about so much, and worrying about all the things you care about and everything you can’t control.

Having both at the same time …


On another note, I have the heebiejeebies.

My daughter called from 2 hours away at her apartment, and she’s currently being held captive by a pterodactyl black hornet of sorts.  She said it landed on her hand this morning, so kindly informing me that it’s bigger than her finger.

Now I can’t stop itching, and flashbacks of a hornet or something I had on my front door last year are making me want to go back to bed and hide under the covers.

Speaking of notes, I’m kinda bummed that I can’t travel this weekend to see my musical idol.  He‘s in town (Buffalo, NY), and has a few gigs.

But that’s okay.  I recently had a nice chat with him, and went to a gig last November.  I’m good until next time. … for now … maybe.  Okay.  I’m not good, because I can never get enough of his music in person.  I mean, I’ve only seen him perform live 4 times in my entire almost 48 years.

Meanwhile, I’m off to indulge in some mukbang videos while I have myself a good bowl of spicy ramen noodles – with a bit of extra added kick via hot oil from the local Chinese restaurant.  Wish me luck!

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